Cinnamon for diabetes

Many supplements have been shown to have important blood sugar-lowering properties. One of the most well-known is cinnamon. Cinnamon has been shown to be a very special spice for diabetes.  Using it by sprinkling on your food or taking it as a supplement can have impressive health benefits.  Studies have been done with both the spice and the supplement form. Both have been found to be beneficial.

Benefits of cinnamon

  • lowering blood sugar
  • lowering cholesterol
  • raising HDL, the good cholesterol
  • improving insulin sensitivity, or how the body responds to the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin
  • several studies have even shown a blood pressure-lowering effect

Different types of cinnamon for your health

There are 2 main varieties of cinnamon:

  1. Ceylon cinnamon
  2. Cassia cinnamon

In the US, Cassia cinnamon  is the type of cinnamon mainly used in cooking and as a spice.  It is also the type of cinnamon shown to have the most glucose-lowering effects.  However, when consumed in high doses, this form of cinnamon can cause a buildup of a  compound called Coumarin which can be toxic to the liver.  That is why understanding the type of cinnamon you are consuming is so important.

Ceylon cinnamon is more commonly used in Europe. For those who consume cinnamon on a daily basis, this makes a much safer choice because of its extremely low Coumarin content. It has a sweeter but milder taste.

Cinnulin PF

The type of cinnamon used in Glucology Blood Sugar Support is Cinnulin PF.  This water-soluble cinnamon extract is free of the coumarin liver toxins, making it a safe choice for cinnamon supplementation.

Cinnamon is a great choice for people living with diabetes and other blood sugar issues to add to their blood sugar-balancing repertoire.  Cinnamon can be used along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, supplement program, and when needed, diabetes medications.  Choosing the safest form of cinnamon is an important part of this process.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Theo Crazzolara