Doctor Testimonials

I think Glucology is a great product. I not only use it for my patients with poor glucose insulin control, but also patients with prediabetes. I have had a few patients that changed their eating habits and exercise need to go off of it because their blood sugar and insulin were now in the normal range.

-Lynnova Reynolds, D.O.

For years, Glucology has been my go-to supplement for helping patients with elevated fasting glucose levels and for elevated HgA1c. I have had many patients over the years who have benefitted from this nutraceutical. It is easy to take and is tolerated well. This makes for good patient compliance. For patients with glucose control problems, this is definitely a great product.

-Michael F. Lee, M.D.

During the past several years I have had the opportunity to use various supplements for glucose control and insulin resistance. On a personal level, there is diabetes in my family history and I’ve had some insulin resistance in the past. After using Glucology for 90 days, my fasting glucose, insulin levels, and hemoglobin A1c all showed marked improvement. Glucology has been one of my go to supplements when I deal with nonclinical prediabetes and issues with glycemic control in my patients. I have seen hemoglobin A1c reduction on a regular basis and improved fasting glucose levels with this nutritional supplement. In addition to dietary modification and lifestyle adjustment, Glucology has been instrumental in my treatment plans and has become a very dependable source in regards to patient response and glycemic control.

-Kenneth Orbeck, D.O.