About Glucology

Manufactured from only the highest quality ingredients, Glucology Blood Sugar Support is a physician formulated diabetes supplement. A unique combination of seven key ingredients essential for healthy blood sugar balance, Glucology provides fast results naturally. Developed by Dr. Lisa Gorn, a board certified integrative endocrinologist specializing in holistic wellness, Glucology helps you take control of your health.

About Dr. Lisa Gorn

Dr. Lisa Gorn is a board certified endocrinologist who has been studying the nutritional effects of natural supplements on blood sugar balance for more than 10 years. Her integrative holistic approach focuses on health and wellness and the preventative side of medicine, including hormone balance, nutritional counseling, and personalized fitness guidance.

Through her work as an endocrinologist and her extensive research on diabetes, Dr. Gorn saw a need in the market for a dietary supplement that would naturally and effectively help her patients balance their blood sugars. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Dr. Gorn developed Glucology Blood Sugar Support, a unique blend of seven key ingredients essential for healthy blood sugar balance.

“My patients are concerned about their health. If they have diabetes, they don’t want it to worsen. If they have prediabetes, they want to decrease their risk of becoming diabetic,” says Dr. Gorn. “They’re looking for something safe and well made, and so I wanted to create a supplement that contained all of the ingredients that I currently recommend as part of a program to improve blood sugar control and prevent diabetes.”

She’s been recognized by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists for her research on Type 1 diabetes and has authored several articles on the topic.